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Coaching and Mentoring

HN Consulting Are Pleased To Offer Specialised Coaching And Mentoring Sessions Within The Complex Sector Of Corporate Travel And Expense Management, Providing Insight And Understanding On Both The Supplier and Buyer Spend Side. We Can Customise Tailored Sessions To Your Needs And Requirements, Or Choose From Some Of Our Popular Sessions Offered Below. Whether It Is Coaching, Mentoring or Training, We Are Here To Help.

            Coaching and monitoring services offered by HN Consulting:

Travel & Expenses (Executive Level)

Travel & Expense within a global organisation

  • Understanding of the end-to-end procurement process
  • How to conduct and approach going out to tender and dealing with suppliers, and how to mitigate potential risk.
  • How to define values by implementing a variety of evaluation tools and theories.

Travel & Expense Leadership

  • Understand cost control and operational Management
  • Look to align company polcies and strategies across the company vertical
  • Defined rules of how you should create and manage a procurement policy that refers to a clear statements or set of guidelines or principles

Travel & Expense Management
  • Fully understand the end to end process of category Management
  • Critical knowledge and confidence around how to engineer plans for category development, factoring in complexity and responding accordingly.
  • The skills to delineate between different types of category management relating to procurement, purchasing, and sourcing.

Corporate Travel Managers and buyers

Key drivers in corporate travel on the buyer and supplier side

  • Understand the nature and characteristics of Business travel
  • In depth knowledge of all the elements involved with managing a Business travel relationship.
  • Key elements that are critical offerings by any Business travel company

Understanding how travel suppliers interact with each other

  • Who are the major players and how to differentiate between them.
  • Big corporate TMC or local boutique offerings.
  • How do I get the best out of the relationship with the TMC

What to consider in a new TMC or Travel Contract Implementation

  • What are the key dependencies when choosing a TMC
  • Managing the outgoing TMC and any future relationships.
  • What elements of planning and preparation are required to be successful

New to the Travel Industry

Introduction to the Travel industry

  • World and Airline Geography
  • An overview of Business Travel incorporating categories of travel, service providers, a day in the life of a business traveller
  • Customer service – How does this apply to Business travel, etiquette and building rapport.

Travel Booking Channels and Distribution Systems

  • Which tools and applications are in the market place.
  • The global and local market differences and the impact this has
  • Basic understanding of PNR entries and options

Travel Technology

  • To gain a clear understanding of all the applicable applications out in the market place.
  • Automation in the Travel industry
  • Future of the Travel industry and its distribution channels

Travel Industry suppliers (Airlines / Hotels / TMC's)

Understand the Travel Business from a Corporate buyer

  • Understand what elements a Corporate Travel manager needs to consider when planning a travel program.
  • What process and polices general constraint or hinder their working days
  • XXX

Preparation for RFP / Client presentation

  • A general overview of where a travel Manager may sit within a company heirachy
  • What are the key elements a Travel Manager needs from an RFP to make an initial decision.
  • After consideration what is the approval process for sign off on cost / engagement with a new or existing vendor.

Contract negotiations and renewals

  • The key drivers why companies go out to tender / RFP
  • Are there pro-active measures that can be implemented to avoid renegotiations.
  • Some key elements that will improve communication between parties.


As a fiercely independent organisation we will take an approach that works best for you, the sessions are extremely flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

We guarantee you will receive an experienced, unbiased business professional that is a leader in that sector, who will aim to partner with you to achieve your goal.


Just a simple call will provide you with instant access to an elite team of employees with over 20 years experience in the Travel and Procurement sector.

Each course is specifically designed to provide a independent insight into your chosen topic, providing valuable knowledge to apply in a current or future position within this field.


Our resources are GBTA certified, we offer you a certification which will put you ahead of the curve.

Once you have successfully completed your experience with us we do hold our own extensive client database that potentially could be used as a future support network.

Want to know more? We’re here to provide insights to enable your company to effectively manage corporate travel. Contact us today.